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Fishing Boots

Fishing Boots

Fishing Boots

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 Fishing boots are but one type of fishing footwear you can acquire on Gritr Outdoors. They offer ultimate protection from the water and things that might lurk in it. Fishing boots are much more weighty than shoes and flip-flops. You could say they are for anglers who want to take things to the next level or simply fish in an environment that is not friendly to summer flip-flops. They are probably not the most suitable choice for fishing off a pier but are indispensable for wading and fishing off a rocky river bank. 

It comes as no surprise that there are several types of fishing boots. Numerous are environments where anglers can pursue their passion. Numerous are preferences anglers have in footwear. Do you need a pair of full-length waterproof boots or would ankle fishing boots suffice? How about a pair of wading boots for fishing? We have a wide choice of all these and several other types of fishing boots. 

Ice Fishing Boots

Ice fishing is an obvious example where you can’t just put on your old winter boots and gleefully make your way to the nearest ice hole. You can physically do that, of course, but such a choice is not recommended. Ice is a slippery slope that punishes poor decisions much harsher than you could expect. If ice is strong enough (which it should be, otherwise, what are you doing out there), you might be lucky to only get a bruise or two. If Fortune turns a blind eye on you, more serious injury may occur. But should the ice not withstand your weight, you have a life-threatening situation on your hands. How could you avoid it? By getting dedicated ice fishing boots! Their sole provides traction that makes slipping much harder - a benefit every ice angler can enjoy. In addition to that, they keep your feet warm through insulation and thick soles that keep the icy chill at bay. In short, don’t skimp on your security and get yourself a nice pair of ice fishing boots.

Ankle Fishing Boots

These boots are not known for their ability to retain warmth, but this is not their purpose, so it’s a minor loss. What these boots do have is stunning looks. Maybe not all of them, but Xtratuf fishing boots sure do. You won’t say they are meant for fishing and not promenading by looking at them. But appearances not backed by functionality would have been a poor advantage. Complete waterproofness and slip-resistant outsole set them apart from your regular ankle boots. Packed with other features that help them resist the effects of water, ankle boots are a perfect choice for those who want to combine style with usefulness. 

And then there is classic - regular knee-long or so fishing boots that come to your mind when hearing the name. Old but gold, as they say, and that couldn’t be truer for fishing boots. Gritr Outdoors boasts a rich collection of fishing boots for men and women. Footwear on this page is produced by such top-notch brands as Korkers, Dryshod, Gill, and several others, so the quality is guaranteed.