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Footwear Accessories

Footwear Accessories

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Buying fishing or hunting boots, each consumer pays attention to footwear accessories. They protect your favorite pair of shoes from wear and tear. Nowadays manufacturers offer a lot of shoe accessories from insoles to lug soles.

Insoles for Shoes

Shoe insoles are a thin layer between the foot and the outsole. The insole retains heat, removes moisture, and doesn’t cause allergies.

The best insoles are heated ones. They are essential for anglers and hunters as they spend most of the day outdoors. Heated insoles let you forget about the cold and feel comfortable even in the harshest conditions. It is very important to have warm insoles while wading, even in summer. If you stay deep in the water, the feet will freeze.

If your feet get cold in winter, it's easy to get sick. Even if you haven't spent much time outdoors. The use of heated insoles will allow you to create a heated space between the sole and the foot, which will not allow you to get a dose of hypothermia.

Lug Sole

In order not to fall in winter, it is recommended to use a lug sole. They are easy to put on winter shoes and have spikes that allow you to stay on your feet. Lug soles are made of rubber to which steel elements are attached. It is required that the rubber withstands low temperatures. They are easily fixed and removed from the boots.

Thorns are usually made of stainless steel. The quality of the metal affects the service life. You need tough, durable thorns that won't break. Their sharpness should be enough to break through the thickness of snow and ice. You need at least 5 thorns on lug sole boots. If you need more reliable protection, choose options with a large number of thorns. 

The lug sole shoes are suitable for extreme conditions. They make it much easier to climb and get down on icy trails. A quality accessory will help you to avoid injury.

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