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Ice Cleats & Soles

Ice Cleats & Soles

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Winter brings many reasons for joy as well as numerous reasons for frustration. All of us are aware of treacherous schemes of ice, the most insidious winter trickster. It turns streets into a circus arena and all pedestrians into ropewalkers. Efforts to maintain balance become part of your daily routine, and every trip to the outside world becomes slightly more dangerous. Car owners cannot avoid these machinations either. We’ll leave the resolution of their problem to tire producers. Our job is to take care of regular walkers and outdoor enthusiasts whose encounters with ice can be more frequent. While many footwear producers try to implement non-slip shoe soles into their products, aftermarket crampons and ice cleats for boots remain the most reliable means of not losing your foothold. There are also stand-alone shoe soles with special coating and spikes that can be attached to any boot. Which one of them is the most comfortable is only for you to decide.  

Ice Cleats

Ice cleats for shoes not only perform their function well but also look gorgeous. They can take on many forms. Some are constructed from hard rubber and feature steel spikes that provide ultimate traction. Others, often called crampons, look like a set of intertwined chains that attach to boots in the same manner as rubber ice cleats do. Snowline is an expert when it comes to ice crampons, and you can find many of their products on this very page.    

Shoe Soles

Slip-resistant shoe soles look very much like rubber ice cleats. One of the differences between them is that shoe soles cover the whole lower surface of the boots. There are several configurations available for shoe soles, depending on their seasonality. While there are more traditional-looking soles for shoes designed for winter weather, there are also purely rubber high-traction soles that are meant for any wet or dry surfaces. Those are perfect for trail adventures. Korkers produces standard-setting high-traction shoe soles for all sorts of environments.

Here, on Gritr Outdoors, we have a vast selection of ice cleats and shoe soles. Turn your winter walks from a gambling game into a sure win with our soles and crampons for shoes.