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Other Footwear Accessories

Other Footwear Accessories

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As with any other product, there are dozens of accessories that don’t fall into one of the subcategories we’ve established. The footwear industry is large and includes many products that complement footwear in one manner or another. It can be a jar of boot wax, a boot drying rack, or a pair of simple shoe laces. Our collection of shoe accessories contains quite a number of items that can come in handy in your footwear carrying or maintaining routines. Here’s a brief list of items that you can find on this page. 

Boot Laces

While all lace-up boots come with a pair of laces, not always are these laces as reliable as you might want. They are more susceptible to wear and tear, are not always made of high-quality materials, and are generally the most replaceable part of the boots. If you are into outdoor activities and often find yourself traversing wilderness, you need extra-durable hiking boot laces that won’t let you down. Korkers and Kenetrek are two brands specializing in outdoor footwear that also produce high-quality long-lasting laces. If you are looking for replacement laces, those two brands are definitely with consideration.       

Shoe Dryers and Heaters

Some people might perceive a shoe dryer as an excessive accessory for people who don’t know what to do with their money. An outdoor enthusiast knows exactly how long it takes for boots to dry off and which parts of the boot are the last to dry completely. A shoe dryer rack is an auxiliary piece of equipment that will ensure that your bots will dry off quickly and well. They are also suitable for drying gloves and helmets.

There are also means to keep your feet dry or at least warm while they are still on your feet. More often bought for ski boots, a boot heater is an excellent accessory for winter sports enjoyers. Hotronic manufactures both of the items and is known for keeping the feet of thousands of customers warm year after year. 

Boot Spikes 

Sooner or later, even the highest-quality ice cleats are bound to wear out. Usually, it is the boot spikes that take the hit and wear out in the first place. Getting a whole new ice cleat seems like overkill since the configuration itself is in working condition. You can restore the former glory of your ice cleats by getting replacement hiking boot spikes. They are usually compatible with a specific model, so make sure to confirm their compatibility in advance.

Here, on Gritr Outdoors, we have a varied selection of footwear accessories. Whether you are looking for something to keep your feet warm, to make your boots dry faster, or to replace a non-functional part, we have something that can meet your needs.