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Casual Clogs

Casual clogs are types of shoes with open heels. Сlogs originally were made of wood, and they were footwear for artisans, fishermen, and farmers.

Let's leave the Middle Ages, and move forward to the near twentieth century when clogs became casual shoes! These shoes gained popularity in the 1970s. At that time, everyone was keen on the hippie style.

In the ’90s clogs were a mainstay product for nurses, restaurant workers, teachers, and anyone whose job requires them to stand on their feet for several hours a day.

Nowadays, the biggest fashion trend is comfort. Clogs shoes will help you stay comfortable and stylish from head to toe. Such models are a good alternative to sneakers and any other casual footwear. 

Clogs for Women

Since the womens casual clogs do not have a heel, the pair should not slip while walking. You should pay attention to the insole. It can be made of cork, wood, or synthetic materials. The upper part of the clog shoes is made of either natural or artificial leather, suede, or natural fabrics such as linen or cotton.

Leather clogs are comfortable and durable enough to wear anywhere by anyone. You can wear clogs every day and do not worry that your legs will get tired. Such models have a very comfortable last and a thick outsole. These shoes go well with dresses, suits, trousers, and denim clothing. 

3 top-brands of comfortable clogs:

  • Haflinger is a family-owned business that was founded 50 years ago. There is nothing stronger than a family, that’s why nowadays the grandson of the owner runs the brand. Haflinger is famous for the manufacture of boiled wool and its outstanding quality.
  • Alegria started the business with the idea to create comfortable shoes. Alegria is a Spanish word that means joy and happiness. Alegria has exactly what you need.
  • Naot was launched in 1942 in Israel's small farming community. They believed that one day their shoes would be worn around the world. Their dream comes true. Nowadays, Naot’s clogs are a mix of quality, fashion, and comfort.

We offer women clogs for sale that will last for years and will look stylish. GRITR Outdoors has footwear for any occasion.