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Flashlights & Headlamps

Flashlights & Headlamps

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When backpacking, hunting, or being involved in tactical activities in low-light conditions or nighttime, having a flashlight or a headlamp becomes crucial. And while you may think of them as universal things that suit every situation, the market has plenty of options to meet your specific needs and requirements, from mini EDC to heavy-duty tactical flashlights.

To pick one that will completely satisfy you and won’t break the bank providing features you’ll never use, we’d like to break down some specs for you.

Light output

It is measured in lumens and indicates light intensity. A higher number gives a brighter light beam. But it’s not that low-lumen flashlights are poor-quality. If your use is limited to reading or lighting up the camping spot and trail, 20-100 lumens will probably work well for you. Flashlights having a 200-lumen output and more are suitable for spotting far-off objects and lighting up terrain.

Some flashlights have a low-light mode that won’t mess up your night vision in case you need a little light to check things near you.

Beam distance

It is measured in meters and indicates how far the flashlight will carry the light.


It is how long it takes the light output to drop to 10% of the rater output. It is measured in hours. During the run-time, output light either diminishes gradually or remains on one level and then drops.

Flashlight battery types include rechargeable (USB) and non-rechargeable (AAA, AA, CR123A).

Impact resistance and waterproofness

Well, those who are into activities that involve challenging environmental conditions and much moving around may stick with impact-resistant and waterproof flashlights. IPX rate indicates the level of water resistance. For example, IPX7 means the flashlight survives temporary immersion and the IPX4 rating ensures splash protection.


Advancements in LED technology have resulted in the all-around availability of high-quality LED flashlights that are bright, durable, and energy-effective. This made other bulb types irrelevant.

Some headlamps feature red LED lights for your eyes to adjust to darkness quicker when turning off.


Most flashlights feature aluminum alloy bodies because it’s durable and lightweight. High impact resistant models may use stainless steel or titanium. Polycarbonate bodies are common headband flashlights where weight matters far more than the shock-proof exterior.

We carry a broad range of flashlights to suit specific needs. Shop for tactical headlamps, camping and hunting flashlights on GritrOutdoors.com.