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Floating Bags

Floating Bags

Floating Bags

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If you’re a big fan of kayaking, canoeing, and boating or a brave backpacker laughing in the face of heavy rains and storms, a floating bag is a must-have addition to your waterproof setup. A floating drybag is a storage solution made from heavy-duty waterproof material, having several leak-proof closures. Even if you’re an excellent kayak-sailer, don’t expect rain in your adventure, or your route doesn’t contain streams to cross, you can’t be too ready.

The best dry bag will ensure 100% protection of your gear against water, snow, sand, and UV. GRITR Outdoors offers an array of quality waterproof dry bags for kayaking.

Choosing a Floating Bag

If it’s your first time shopping for waterproof backpacks and bags, here are things to consider:


Most bags are made from nylon or vinyl. Nylon is a hydrophobic fabric, but it’s not waterproof in a genuine sense. To make it waterproof, manufacturers either laminate it with plastic or coat it with a Cordura coating agent. Nylon bags have a Dernier (D) rating indicating the thickness of the fabric - the higher the D number, the thicker. Nylon bags are more flexible and lighter.

Vinyl bags are stiffer, cheaper, and have an easy-to-clean non-woven surface structure. Moreover, the vinyl body is easy to repair and may feature a transparent window.


Roll-top closure is the best. It provides the highest protection, so once the bag is secured properly, there’s no chance water will get inside. For increased safety, the roll-top may feature a Velcro band.

A kayak dry bag with a zipper closure provides faster access to your belongings, but its dependability is lower. Even if the bag in question features a sealed zipper, it can be damaged by your clothing getting into it.


Floating bags come in a variety of sizes. Small dry bags for boating usually range from 1L to 10L, while large dry bags for camping achieve a capacity of up to 55L. A 20L dry bag is considered the golden mean.