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All those who enjoy pair sports yet want to preserve the spirit of competition between the two participants may find squash a very entertaining sport. If you like beating things into walls but don’t want to deal with damaging consequences, this is also a sport for you. Finally, if you think that a wall is a more appealing partner than another human, hop onto our squash carriage. Here, we cherish a good rocket, a bouncy ball, a pair of good shoes and an ever-rapid atmosphere of thrill. Originating in the borders of Harrow School in the 1830s, squash has won hearts of millions of people world-wide. What is it that attracts enthusiasts to this sport, in addition to the opportunity to take all your emotions and frustration out on an imperturbable ball? Squash is a source of an excellent cardiovascular workout, exercising legs in running around the court and arms and torso in swinging the racquet. It was even featured as the healthiest sport to play in 2003 Forbes magazine, which is quite a brave claim but who are we to argue with Forbes?

Squash Racquets

If you are here for squash equipment (which, we think, is the case), you will be pleased to see the variety of goods that we offer. We take pride in dealing all sorts of squash racquets: head-light for greater maneuverability and flick shots, head heavy for more powerful strikes and control, and even-balanced for the perfect equilibrium between the two. We cooperate with the brands that have been on the market for quite some time and earned a reputation and trust of the customers. Here, you can find Black Knight racquets, as well as Gearbox and Salming squash racquets.

Squash Shoes 

Squash involves a lot of running and thus requires you to wear special footwear. Squash shoes are different from other sporting footwear in several ways. Since you’ll have to move rapidly in different directions, shoes for squash are made from very flexible materials and have very thin soles that let you feel the ground. They are also very light and have increased shock absorption properties. We have a wide choice of Salming squash shoes that will keep you on foot for many a game.

Here, on Gritr Outdoors, you can find anything you need for a good game of squash. Whether you are looking for your best squash racquet or a pair of lightweight shoes, you are sure to find them here.