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Kayak Accessories

Kayak Accessories

Kayak Accessories

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Not a mere sport or a hobby, kayaking endows people with many sights to behold. Sights that could not be observed in any other manner. Massive motor boats or yachts will never give you the same sense of affinity with water and surrounding nature. Floating on the surface of the water, balancing between the worlds of land dwellers and aquatic creatures is an experience sure to imprint in your memory. But to get the riches and fullest experience, you need to be duly equipped. Here you can find kayaking accessories that will help you to get everything this wondrous activity has to offer.

Kayak Paddle Holders

Paddling is an indispensable part of kayaking. After all, there is no other way for you to traverse the water expanse while still sitting in a kayak, that is. Kayak paddles are different from regular ones since they have blades at both ends of the pole. Thus, the manner of paddling will also be different. You don’t need paddle holders for the paddling itself, but due to construction peculiarities, it might be really hard to store paddles inside a kayak. And even if you manage to cram them into, you will have a hard time pulling them out. Why bother with all these troubles when you can simply acquire a paddle holder that will spare you the headache?

Kayak Flags

Not to mark the land of your belonging, but to mark your location for fellow kayakers. Anything could happen while you are on the water, and having some extra means of identification could never harm you. Kayak flags are dyed in bright colors (usually orange) to increase your visibility.

Kayak Carriers

One thing is to rent a kayak, another is to own one. You would hardly consider transporting a kayak yourself unless you live by a body of water. A car is a convenient way to transport several kayaks at once, but you need to fix them in place somehow since kayaks are too big to fit into the interior of most cars. The roof is the obvious answer, and car kayak carriers will help you not to lose any on your way.

Kayak Life Vests

It’s hard to overestimate the importance of PFDs for kayaking. Personal floatation devices can save your life and thus should be worn at all times while you are on the water. Better safe than sorry, as they say. The seafloor is a very fascinating place, but exploring it by drowning is definitely an excessive measure. 

That is not a complete list of kayak accessories you can find on this page. We also have mount tracks for accessory attachment, storage racks, and other equipment. Gritr Outdoors is a great place to buy kayak accessories online.