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Ski Poles

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It’s hard to think of a more fitting partner for a pair of skis than a set of ski poles. Though some skiers prefer to ride without poles, this piece of equipment remains a vital skiing attribute. They help you maintain balance and rhythm while skiing and increase your mobility while also helping to set up your turns. Gritr Outdoors cooperates with the best ski poles brands like Swix, Fischer, and Whitewoods to bring you only the highest quality products.

What size ski poles do I need?

The size of ski poles depends on your height. You can determine it by flipping the pole upside down and grabbing it under the basket. If your elbow sits comfortably by your hip and your arm is bent at about 90° angle, you’ve found a fitting pole.

Are ski pole baskets universal?

Though standard 50mm baskets are suitable for the majority of skiing scenarios, cross-country ski poles often feature bigger baskets that are indispensable in deep powder conditions.

What is the best ski pole material?

Materials determine ski pole qualities. Carbon fiber ski poles are durable and lightweight, and bamboo ski poles are rigid, flexible, and eco-friendly. Aluminum poles boast the most affordable price and longevity but are less durable than carbon fiber poles.