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Snow brings countless opportunities to have fun and do sports, but it often stands as an obstacle in the way of doing the same things. Snowshoes were invented as a means of solving that problem thousands of years ago and continue to do their work to this day. Gritr Outdoors has many models of snowshoes for sale. Be it snowshoes for women and men or kids snowshoes, we got you covered. We’ve partnered with such industry experts as Tubbs, Atlas Snow-Shoe Company, and Whitewoods to bring you only the best products.

What are the best snowshoes for beginners?

Snowshoes are not divided into professional and amateur models. Any pair you acquire will be a solid choice for a beginner. Atlas Snow-Shoe produces versatile models that work well in most types of terrain and snow.

How do you size snowshoes?

The size of snowshoes depends on the weight of the wearer and the condition of the snow. Weight distribution is the main working principle of a snowshoe. So, the more weight you have to distribute and the less packed the snow is, the bigger snowshoes you need.

Is it hard to walk in snowshoes?

Snowshoeing is an energy-consuming activity, more demanding than regular hiking. But snowshoes are designed to make walking through the snow more comfortable, so it’s easier with than without them.