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For regular people, the sky is a mysterious and unreachable sight. We can only observe it, guessing the shape of the clouds, admiring the beautiful palette of sunset colors, or watching myriads of stars shedding their light from far away. Humanity has been doing this for thousands of years and has always wondered what lies beyond. But to explore the vast ‘beyond’ we had to reach the sky first. The 20th century witnessed the first successful attempt at doing so.

Today flying is one of the most widespread means of transportation. Planes are the fastest way to travel, allowing you to cover previously unimaginable distances within a few hours. The air is conquered. We’ve finally fulfilled our dreams of flying like birds.

Most of us have only experience flying as passengers. There are people, however, who make this magic happen. Hiding behind their metal veil, pilots are taming these iron birds to carry hundreds of people to their aspirations. This taming process has become much easier within the last few decades, now pilots can fly a plane with less effort and more free time.

To us, it may seem exciting to sit in a cockpit and watch the plane cutting the sky canvas first hand. Pilots get used to that view pretty quickly and with time it loses its former grandeur. So, when the plane is up and flying, and automatic control comes into play, what’s a pilot to do?

Cards, books, probably painting? Solid choices, but nothing can beat the variety that gadgets offer. Plenty of planes allow you to delve into the global web right on the board, the only thing you need is a proper device. An iPad is a solid choice, but here’s the problem: you don’t want your pilot’s hands to be busy holding an iPad all the time, there is a plane to run after all. This issue can be easily fixed by buying pilot supplies. 

iPad Mounts

Here’s the way to keep your hands free and enjoy watching your favorite series at the same time. Why bother putting an iPad on the control panel when you can mount it on the wall? iPad mounts allow you to adjust the position of your device according to your own needs. And you can watch it together with your copilot. It’s a very uniting experience.

We also have phone cradles in case you prefer to bring your smartphone with you. They will allow you to attach your phone to the same mounts.


Maybe your copilot doesn’t share your tastes in cinematography. Well, bad for them, because pilot kneeboards will allow you to keep your device to yourself. Kneeboards can be converted into a desktop stand, so you won’t need to buy separate cases for the cockpit and home.  

Flight Bags

You probably have other things you want to bring into the cockpit, in that case, pilot bags will come to your aid. Spacious center pockets that fit a tablet or laptop computer, back pockets to keep your cords organized, and interior pockets to store passports and IDs. A free-standing pilot bag is an asset for every pilot out there. 


Night flights will become much easier with extra light to illuminate your booth. Matches are not practical, lanterns are not compact, and your iPad is mounted on the wall. A headlamp will put the light where you need it, keeping your hands free. We do all it takes to keep your hands free.

Here, on Gritr Outdoors, you can find all pilot supplies that can be handy in a cockpit.