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Fishing Hoodies & Pullovers

Fishing Hoodies & Pullovers

Fishing Hoodies & Pullovers

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Successful fishing starts with suitable apparel. However, not all angling expeditions require waterproof clothing covering you from head to toe. Sometimes, a simple hoodie is sufficient for making you comfortable. Whether you are going to use it as the outer shell for wind and sunlight protection or a middle layer for additional insulation, a fishing hoodie will be a great supplement to your clothing system.

Gritr Sports carries women’s and men’s fishing hoodies designed with fishing applications in mind, so be sure they will perform.

How to Choose

When choosing a fishing hoodie or pullover, you want to look for fabrics moisture-wicking properties like polyester, nylon, and spandex. Such fabrics soak up all the sweat and transfer it to the surface. Unlike cotton, considered one of the worst fabrics for building fishing clothing, polyester absorbs less water splashed on you and dries way faster, keeping you comfortable all day long.

If you want to build a genuinely versatile fishing clothing system, you need a hoodie with UPF protection for wearing it as your outer layer when it’s not cold enough to throw a jacket on. The best fishing hoodies feature a UPF rating of 50+, meaning they block about 98% of UV radiation.

Some additional features may include thumb-loops for added sun protection, corrosion-resistant zips with inner wind guards, zippered pockets, raglan sleeves allowing for a wider range of movement, and tight-fitting cuffs. When choosing an ice fishing hoodie, you may want to consider a thermal fleece interior and a neoprene exterior for enhanced protection against wind and cold water, like a Stormr hoodie has.

Fishing Hoodies for Sale

Gritr Outdoors carries cool fishing hoodies and pullovers from such fishing apparel brands as Gill, Gillz, Stormr, Striker Ice, and others. They will not only enhance your experience and improve your performance but will also make great garments for your non-fishing-related outdoor adventures. When picking a fishing pullover or a hoodie in colors ranging from basic black to blue, you get a high-quality garment suitable for practically every scenario that doesn’t involve wearing a tuxedo or a cocktail dress. And for those who like discounts, we always carry some fishing hoodies on sale.

Is it possible to customize the Fishing Hoodies & Pullovers?

Absolutely! Our Fishing Hoodie and Pullover range is highly customizable with colors, sizes, and other features that allow you to create your own unique look.

What material are Fishing Hoodies & Pullovers made from?

Fishing Hoodies and Pullovers are made of high quality polyester/cotton blend fabric, ensuring comfort as well as durability.

How can I care for my Fishing Hoodies & Pullovers?

To ensure longevity of your fishing hoodie or pullover we recommend washing in cold water on a gentle cycle, and hanging both inside-out to dry away from direct sunlight.

Are Fishing Hoodies & Pullovers available in multiple sizes?

Yes, our Fishing Hoodie and Pullover range is available in XS - XL sizes as well as many other size options to ensure you find the perfect fit for you!