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Fishing Shorts

Fishing Shorts

Fishing Shorts

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If you want to stay comfortable on the water, you’ll need to wear a pair of great fishing shorts. We offer quick-drying, stain-resistant shorts with spacious pockets. So whether you prefer colorful shorts or more traditional fishing shorts, we've got a style for you.

Most shorts are made of a fabric that breathes well. Polyester is a synthetic material that is known for being lightweight, quick-drying, and breathable. In addition, shorts that have some spandex or elastane will stretch and provide freedom of movement.

Mens Fishing Shorts

Men ́s fishing shorts are designed for all anglers. Shorts provide a great fit and all-day comfort. Every fisherman wants quick-drying fabrics, rash-proof interiors, and stylish patterns. Durable shorts with convenient zip-pockets are perfect for storage fishing stuff. 

Angling shorts provide sun protection. Most but not all fly fishing shorts have an inner lining that serves as built-in underwear. Unlike most underwear, liners tend to dry quickly and absorb moisture to reduce the chance of chafing.

Tactical fishing shorts are lightweight shorts made from stretch polyester. The main features are ease of movement, protection, and durability all day long. 

Womens Fishing Shorts

The majority of fishing shorts have flat seams, which helps to avoid areas of high friction while angling. Such pairs of shorts are designed to reduce friction. Many anglers like to store a few things in their pockets, so we have shorts that accommodate essential items like your phone, keys, and credit card.

Board shorts combine the best features to provide the perfect fit and all-day comfort. These models are perfect for surfing, fishing, diving, or enjoying your time on the beach.

Nothing beats good shorts to keep you comfortable on the water. GRITR Outdoors has a huge range of fishing shorts both for men and women. Whether you are going to do extreme water sports or looking for a reliable pair of fishing shorts, we have what you need.

What materials are used for fishing shorts?

Fishing shorts are typically made from lightweight, quick drying fabrics such as nylon and polyester that offer breathability, flexibility, and protection from the elements.

Are fishing shorts waterproof?

Many fishing shorts come with water repellent or waterproof coatings that keep you dry in wet conditions. However, not all fishing shorts are completely waterproof so it is important to check the product’s specifications before purchase.

Do fishing shorts come in different lengths?

Yes, most brands offer a range of lengths for their fishing shorts including board short styles, mid-lengths and longer knee length cuts.

What features do fishing shorts have?

Fishing shorts typically feature pockets designed specifically to secure essential items while on the water such as pliers, lures and other tools needed while out on the boat. In addition, they often also include belt loops, secure zippers and drawcords to help customize fit.