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Other Headwear

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GRITR Outdoors has a hat for every head. We carry a vast selection of brimmed hats for those searching for warmer-weather protective headwear or a fashion accessory to supplement their casual, dress, or western outfit. If you’re looking for headgear for chiller environments, you want to check out our selection of women’s and men’s beanies. Finally, those searching for a trucker cap, a sophisticated vintage leather Ascot-style cap, or a warm Stormy Kromer cap are welcome to explore our cap range. However, headwear isn’t limited to these three designs.

Balaclava Mask

A balaclava is probably the most versatile type of headwear because it gives nearly complete coverage and can turn into a neck gaiter or hat. Depending on the context, balaclavas are also called face masks for winter or ski masks, but the general idea behind this garment, regardless of different names, is to protect the face of the wearer from wind, snow, and cold.

There are three types of face masks. A one-hole design (a full face mask) covers everything but the eyes, but it can be lowered to expose the nose and mouth. Two-hole balaclava facemasks are usually ski masks that expose the eyes and mouth and cover the nose. Three-hole balaclavas are also called winter combat masks and feature three separate holes for the eyes and the mouth.

Winter facemasks made with breathable merino wool or fleece are common, but manufacturers can use different materials to achieve various thicknesses and effects. For example, helmet-fitting masks are typically made with moisture-wicking, breathable polyester or polypropylene.


Small protruding body parts, such as your toes, fingers, nose, and ears, chill the fastest. That’s why sometimes a headband is a go-to accessory. It’s best for cooler weather when you feel like wearing a hat will be too much but want to protect your ears. An ultralight headband made with breathable, moisture-wicking fabric will be perfect for high-output activities in windy weather, while a fleece headband will be great for the first frosts.

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