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If some parts of your car need replacement due to wear or damage, or you want to add some upgrades to your vehicle, the market will offer you a whole world of various auto parts and gear. As far as upgrades are concerned, before installing some additional auto equipment, you need to check local regulations. Each state has its own restrictions.

Such restrictions may, in particular, be imposed on accent car lights. But if they are not in your state and you want your vehicle to stand out, then there is no better, more flashy way than installing additional lights.

Due to the LED technology, such upgrades come easier and cheaper. LED bulbs are energy-efficient, last long, and stay cool for a long time so there is no risk of heat damage. The LED pods and RGB strips don’t require special tools for installation.

All these benefits contributed to the popularity of LED accent light kits. Such kits can be for decorating the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Exterior lights can be installed on a car, a truck, or a motorcycle, you just need to pick the right kit. LED lights can also complement the car lighting system by repeating the light signals.

We carry great LED accent lights produced by such companies like XKGLOW.

If you are into outdoor activities that require large equipment, you’d like to install auto racks to free the room in your vehicle. Roof racks are the most versatile because they can be adjusted for transportation of any equipment, from bikes and kayaks to snowboards and surfboards. You can also transport cargo bags and boxes on the top of your vehicle.

Malone Auto Packs manufactures quality cross rail systems, inflatable roof racks, buckle sleeves, and other products.

If you drive your off-road vehicle a lot, having a durable drive belt is paramount. Drive belts don’t live forever. At some point, you’ll need to change one anyway. Rapid acceleration and irregular torque loads create severe compression and excessive heat which affects the belt.

Gboost and many other companies use modern technologies and new compound material to make heat-resistant and stiff drive belts that last longer.

Gritr Outdoors carries a variety of auto gear, tools, and parts.