Burris Optics

Burris Optics

For over 40 years Burris Optics have been a trusted and proven source of riflescopes and sights, binoculars and thermal optics for various hunting and tactical purposes.  
Durability and accuracy, innovation and performance   - this is what Burris always focuses on. Burris Optics quality comes from a long (nearly 50 years) optical engineering experience and superb materials they use. Burris optics provides reliable performance even in harsh conditions.

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Discover Burris Hunting Rifle Scopes

If a hunting season means much to you, checking out Burris hunting optics is a must for you for a simple reason: Burris engineers are also passionate and avid hunters. They understand that accuracy and reliability is what you need in the field.

Burris Tactical Scopes & Sights

Tactical optics from Burris is made for the situations when first shot hitting the target is more important than consistent pinpoint accuracy. Burris tactical scopes offer a great possibility of range estimation and brilliant bullet drop compensation. All Burris tactical scopes can be also used as hunting scopes.

Hunting Binoculars from Burris

Hunting requires much patience and skills, and a correct weapon as well. Hunting binoculars are only second to your weapon, as without seeing much you won’t be able to hunt. That is why it’s critical you have a right pair. Take your hunting process to a higher level with the premium quality of Burris binoculars.