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Fishing Rods

Fishing is one of the favorite leisure activities for the majority of people. Nowadays, there are many types of angling, and for each of them the fisherman must be equipped appropriately. The most important part of an angler's equipment is the rod. Each type of fishing rod has a difference in functional features.

Types of Fishing Rods

Fly rods are lightweight and perfect for short-range float fishing. The distance is limited by the length of the rod and line. Fly fishing roads are made of carbon or fiberglass, which makes them lightweight. Angler’s hand doesn’t get tired from frequent throws. Moreover, such roads lie comfortably in the hand without slipping, that’s why they are suitable for freshmen.

Spinning rods consist of a fishing rod, line, lure, and reel, where each element plays a role. The main difference between a spinning rod and a fly rod is the absence of float, fishhook, and sinker. This type of rod bends well and has a comfortable handle. Half of the success of fishing depends on the materials of the spinning rod. It should be made of carbon, fiberglass, or composite.

The first thing that distinguishes a casting rod from other rods is the appearance of its handle. It is equipped with a small projection for convenience. Another difference is that it is used as an inverted spinning rod with the rings up. This allows the fisherman to have better control over the lure by touching it with his finger.

Ice rods are specially designed for ice fishing. In the cold season, there is no need to cast the lure over a long distance, since the fish is under the ice. The angler should just make a hole with an ice screw, lower the fishing line into the hole and wait for the fish.

Rod cases are perfect for storing fishing rods, as well as protecting against accidental breakages. They are made of durable fabrics with numerous pockets where you can store small tools. Most models have a comfortable handle and shoulder strap.

Before buying a fishing rod, you should analyze the characteristics of rods, and decide what kind of fishing techniques you will use. In this case, you will achieve the best results while angling.