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Fishing Accessories

Fishing Accessories

Fishing Accessories

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Fishing accessories are just as important while fishing as rods. Every fisherman, regardless of the degree of professionalism, uses some kind of additional device that simplifies the fishing process. Here you can find must-have fishing accessories.

Absolutely every angler has his own box, in which he carefully folds the necessary devices that are suitable for his favorite type of fishing. 

Plastic boxes have very durable construction, this option will be suitable for ice fishing anglers. The waterproof seams keep gear dry. These boxes are perfect for storing jigs, which can easily break during transportation.

For storing lures, double-sided boxes are suitable. This will make it much easier for you to find the right lure. Such models can protect your gear from sun damage. We have plastic and metal boxes in stock. The most durable material is stainless steel. Plastic boxes are also in the greatest demand. They are made of strong composite materials.

Lures are used to catch predatory fish. A lure imitates the movement of the fish, which attracts predators, as they instinctively react to the movement. The material can be wood, plastic, rubber, or metal. 

Some lures are equipped with devices for creating noise underwater, which significantly increases their range. They are also well suited for fishing in muddy waters.

The fish finder is based on the principle of echolocation. A special transmitter sends an ultrasonic signal into the water. The fish finder plunges into the water until it hits the bottom, then comes back. 

The modern fish finder floats on the surface, scans the bottom of the pond and fixes the depth, temperature, bottom topography, and location of the fish. It transmits the information with the help of wi-fi directly to the screen of a smartphone or tablet. The up-to-date fish finder is a versatile helper for any fisherman.

GRITR Outdoors has in stock a great variety of different gear from leading world manufacturers. You can achieve new goals with the best fishing accessories!