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Transporting and storing fishing tools is one of the responsible tasks while fishing. If you want to avoid unpleasant situations, you should take care of proper storage in advance. Your fishing trip will be enjoyable when everything is in its place. For that purpose tackle boxes were created.

How to choose the right tackle box?

Nowadays it is not possible to carry your fishing tools without a tackle box. There are several types of fishing organizers.

Plastic boxes have very durable construction, this option will be suitable for ice fishing anglers. The waterproof seams keep gear dry. These boxes are perfect for storing jigs, which can easily break during transportation. The plastic tackle box will allow you to file the lures by weight and shape into separate cells. Such boxes usually have a see-through construction that makes it easy to identify contents instantly.

For storing lures, double-sided boxes are suitable. This will make it much easier for you to find the right lure. Such models can protect your gear from sun damage. The construction with waterproof seams and stainless steel hinges will keep your items dry. The fly fishing box is not so large as the winter one. Fly fishing boxes are used to store hooks, fishing lines, and lures.

We have plastic and metal boxes in stock. The most durable material is stainless steel. Plastic boxes are also in the greatest demand. They are made of strong composite materials.

The best fishing tackle boxes must be strong so that they cannot be accidentally crushed. They should keep warm and prevent freezing. The lid must fit snugly to the walls of the box so that the tools cannot fall out.

An experienced fisherman has not only a rod but also a lot of small fishing accessories. So that they do not lie in chaos in a backpack or bag, you need a special organizer. A fishing tackle box will make your favorite hobby more comfortable.

GRITR Outdoors has a wide range of fishing accessories. We offer different types of tackle boxes on sale and free delivery!