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Waders are modern wading pants designed for successful and safe fishing. It is the only apparel that allows the angler to navigate directly in the water. They are made of heavy-duty material that does not allow water to pass through, which provides comfort and convenience when the angler is in a pond or river. Waders are usually used for fly fishing. 

Waders are made of neoprene material that keeps you warm and are especially useful on fishing trips in cold mountain streams or rivers. In the coldest conditions, neoprene provides protection from undercooling. All types of waders are designed with attached boots, so if you stay deep in the water, you will feel very comfortable.

Membrane waders are manufactured according to the latest technological standards. It is a breathable, lightweight, wear-resistant material that provides a very long life. Fly fishing waders keep you comfortable during high activity or warm conditions. Membrane waders provide good mobility and flexibility. 

In addition, nowadays many manufacturers combine their breathable fabric with neoprene to create the best fishing waders that can be worn in all conditions.

Types of Waders

There are several different styles of waders depending on the depth of water you plan to fish in. 

  • The classic wader style is the so-called "chest wader" which is best for deep, cold water. They have tight fabric to the chest, cutouts under the armpits, and built-in suspenders. 
  • Waist waders are waterproof pants held by a belt. You can’t fish in them deep since you need extra height. If you want to fish only in shallow water and want to keep cool while angling, then waist waders can be a great option.
  • Hip waders are closer to high boots than pants. They provide the least protection compared to the other wader types, however, their main advantages are lightness, and freedom of movement. They are suitable for shallow waters and hot days.

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