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The pleasure of fishing while basking in summer sunlight appears to be shared even by people indifferent to the whole angling thing. What remains a mystery for the overwhelming majority is what drives anglers to risk going on the ice in biting cold with a fishing pole in their hands. The weather, which is supposed to favor the fishermen, seems to become their main adversary when winter comes. But every person who understands the beauty of ice fishing will tell you that things are not that dire. With the abundance and variety of ice fishing gear, getting cold is no longer an issue. Winter doesn’t limit fishing opportunities but rather presents new ones. However, to take full advantage of them, you need highly specialized equipment. On this page, you can find those much-needed pieces that will help you complete that ice fishing puzzle. 

Ice Fishing Clothing

There are several things you need to take care of while preparing for an ice fishing trip. First, it would be nice not to slip every few steps. For that, you need a pair of ice fishing boots with special anti-slip soles. Ice cleats are another option you have when it comes to maintaining your foothold. Once that is taken care of, you can proceed with assembling your ice fishing outfit. More often than not, it will comprise a pair of ice fishing bibs and three layers of ice fishing clothes finished with a warm hat and a pair of ice fishing gloves. Brands like Gill and Striker Ice produce a wide range of clothing and ice fishing accessories that will keep you warm in the cold. With the introduction of ice shanties, keeping warm ceased being such a complicated issue, but being dressed for the weather never hurt anyone.  

Ice Fishing Equipment

Once you’ve taken care of yourself, you need to make sure you have what you need to catch that fish. A set of ice fishing lures is your second-best companion in that endeavor, only outrun by a reliable ice fishing rod. Nomad Design and 13 Fishing are the major providers of those two assistants Since people tend to gather in small towns at locations where fishing takes place, someone is bound to have an ice auger. If you don’t want to depend on others, you can get one yourself.

Gritr Outdoors boasts a wide selection of ice fishing gear. We might not be able to equip you head to toe, but we have many products that an ice fisherman may find handy.