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Outdoor Heaters

How many times did you look at your patio through the window, thinking it was too cold to sit there? Is your summer house standing alone and freezing during chill fall days? All of this uneasiness can be solved by a single Item - an outdoor heater.

An outdoor or patio heater is an excellent alternative for those who don’t want to set their table on fire to warm up. Using your outdoor spaces only in summer is very limiting, and heaters can allow you to spend more of your time there. Heaters come in many shapes and sizes. There are big freestanding heaters, smaller portable ones that can be carried anywhere you go, and wall-mounted outdoor heaters. Each model has its pros and cons, so you should choose one according to your personal needs.

Freestanding outdoor heaters vary in size. Small heaters offer more portability and can be easily replaced if needed, but they can effectively warm only a few people. If you need to warm up a larger area, you might need a bigger freestanding heater. They can cover larger areas and can keep more people warm. The thing with freestanding heaters is that they can be dropped or run into by animals or children and thus are less safe. Mounted wall heaters, on the other hand, are unreachable in normal conditions. Those are usually electric heaters and need a licensed electrician’s consultation when installed. You don’t want to find out your outdoor heater is not working after you’ve already mounted it on the wall. Better safe than sorry. Better safe and warm.

Among the many brands, Infratech is the one producing some of the best outdoor heaters. They have been on the market for more than 50 years and have developed several heaters’ designs as well as heating control systems. 

Their collection of infrared heaters include:

C-series heaters have a C-shaped body with a single heating element.

CD-series heaters have the same shape but are equipped with two heating elements. They are a better choice for greater mounting heights and offer more watt capacity. 

W-series heaters have a W-shaped body and a single power element.

WD-series are the same as CD-series apart from the body shape.

SL-series heaters are equipped with a single heating element and have a slim body.

Wall Switch Plate

Heaters don’t run on their own, they need to be switched on and off. Having a heater that cannot be turned off is even worse than having none at all. We would have been rogues if we sold heaters without means to operate them, that’s why we also offer you wall switch plates compatible with Infratech heaters.

Here, on Gritr Outdoors, you can find electric outdoor heaters that will turn chilly evenings into warm and cozy ones.