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Not every rifle will require a scope base, but some of them need bases to mount optics as much as a building needs a foundation. Such bases serve to support a set of rings and the scope itself. It is vital to choose a suitable base, for rifle design is a key factor here. The holes in your scope base need to align with the factory drilled ones in your rifle’s receiver, so be attentive before you tighten the screws. Some rifles come with integrated bases, but the principle is still the same: your optics is mounted directly into the grooves the base or rail provides. A good base ensures stability and fixation of your optics, and Gritr Outdoors has hundreds of rifle scope bases for your consideration.

When it comes to styles, scope bases are generally divided into 2 categories: picatinny style and weaver style bases, the latter being called after the renowned company that developed it. They are quite similar in some aspects and very different in others. Understanding those differences is a key to choosing the right variant for your own needs.

Picatinny Scope Bases

Picatinny style bases are another great choice which offers you features that weaver style bases lack. Picatinny slots are generally wider and deeper than weaver ones. They also have a standardized spacing, thus slots are evenly placed down the full length of the rail. Such configuration offers a greater degree of mounting options, allowing you to change its position with ease. Should you fail to get the correct eye relief, just move the base to a different slot.

Weaver Scope Bases

Weaver style bases have been in use for many decades now and have proven themselves to be a reliable choice, appreciated by hunters and shooters all over the world. These bases are a great option for those looking for a low profile mount. They also come in 1 piece and 2 piece variants. A weaver style base may have only one or two slots that can be placed anywhere on the base, but if you won’t be able to get the correct eye relief, you will need to use an extension base. 

Gritr Outdoors offers you an opportunity to choose from best scope bases, produced by such well-known brands as

90 years on the market have made Weaver an expert in the field of producing scope-related goods. Cutting-edge technologies combined with decades of experience are a quality guarantor, that’s why buying Weaver scope bases is always a good choice.

Leupold & Stevens has been around since 1907 and all this time the company has been showing nothing but dedication to its ideals and care about their customers. Leupold scope bases are produced with the same attention to details as all the other products. If Leupold is your company of choice, you can find Leupold scope bases right here.

Burris was established in 1971 and has been producing scope accessories ever since. Eventually they launched scope production as well, but scope attending goods were their first  items of focus. They have a complete line of rings and bases, so Burris scope bases are a time-tested option.