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As deceptive their name may be, monoculars are not just a half-good variant of binoculars. If anything, they have more resemblance with their bigger brother - telescope. Even though they cannot keep up with the telescope’s level of magnification, monoculars are naturally lighter and more compact than both their relatives. Different situations call for different equipment, that’s why it will never hurt to have a monocular by your side. Gritr Outdoors is happy to provide you with all kinds of active rest and hunting equipment, including the best monoculars by top Brands such as Vortex, Burris, Zeiss, and others.

Best Hunting Monoculars

Monoculars have a number of advantages over binoculars and telescopes. Firstly, they have the same degree of magnification as binoculars, while boasting half the weight and consequently half the price. Whereas binoculars provide a three-dimensional image by requiring you to use both of your eyes, monoculars can only provide a two-dimensional image as monocular vision is involved. That is neither advantage, nor disadvantage, but a mere difference in the way these two devices work.

Telescopes offer you an astronomic level of magnification in exchange for a bigger size and less portability. Still, there is usually no need for a full-fledged telescope during your leisure trips or hunting, and that’s where a monocular comes into play. Small monoculars will be extremely convenient in situations where compactness and low weight are a priority. 

Long Range Monoculars

One might think that smaller size comes at the price of smaller power. With recent technological advancements, this is no longer true. Modern monoculars come with excellent optical magnification and objective lenses of higher diameter, resulting in high-quality long-distance vision and zooming ability. 

Here, on Gritr Outdoors, we have different types of monoculars for sale. Should you need military monoculars, thermal imaging monoculars, or regular hunting monoculars, you are sure to find them here.