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Knowing the exact distance between you and your target is a vital element of many active rest activities. Whether you are trying to determine the force needed to apply to a bowstring, measure the distance towards a golf hole, or simply gauge the space between you and your prey - a rangefinder is your best option to accomplish any of those tasks. Laser rangefinders are broadly used both in everyday life and during outdoor travels, and not without a reason. Convenience and precision are their main merits, that’s why range finders will benefit you in a wide range of situations. 

Rangefinders come in two variants, based on the technology utilized: GPS and laser rangefinders.

GPS technology is mainly used in golf rangefinders when there is an opportunity to preload golf course data. These devices can tell you the distance of the target from the front, the back, and the center of the green, but are unable to tell how far you are from something. Additionally, they become helpless if you come across an obstacle or a tricky spot, as this information is simply not pre-programmed. 

Laser rangefinders, on the other hand, are much more versatile, as they come without any pre-programming. If you are looking for rangefinders for hunting, this will probably be your choice.  They utilize laser technology, shooting the beam of light towards your target and calculating the time it took the beam to hit back. Such devices are truly considered to be the best rangefinders thanks to their versatility. 

Hunting Rangefinders

A perfect shot demands considering many factors: the force and direction of the wind, the angle of the shot, a carefully chosen position, and, finally, the distance between you and your target. Everything comes with practice, but having helpful tools is by no means cheating. Range finders for hunting are a frequent flier in many huntsmen’s bags. It’s not an easy task to eye measure the distance on the even terrain, and it becomes even harder in a more varied environment. Hunting rangefinder is a pretty good alternative to throwing rocks and counting the time before they hit the ground, so it’s a good opportunity to keep your prey oblivious to your presence and learn the distance, all in one package.

Here, on Gritr Outdoors, you can find the best rangefinders suited for all kinds of situations. Be it top golf rangefinders or range finders for hunting, you are sure to find what you are looking for.