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Fancy hosting cook-outs, beer parties, kids games or just relaxing in your backyard? Just like you, we do and that is why we are documenting our experiences right here! Maybe you can pick one or two things to help you in your outdoor activities. Keep on reading our well-researched articles on any of the outdoor or cooking activities!

Let us take you on an outdoor journey, right in your backyard!

Owning a home is a significant step in one’s life. This milestone is what makes the American Dream alive for most of us. America is vast and we are the most prosperous nation in history but our home is that intimate place we take pride in and a place to seek refugee amidst the fast moving pace of this great civilization.

When I moved to my house, I couldn’t wait to make it my oasis. Growing up in rural America meant we were in open spaces and nature surrounded us. When I went to college in a big city and living in crammed spaces, my initial experience was not good to say the least. I found myself longing for the countryside and all the possible fun as well as productive things open spaces made it possible. However, the city also had many attractions, which are hardly available in the rural areas. I had made my move and I wanted to stay in the city. I had to figure out how to enjoy my new surroundings!

Thus when I was looking for my house, I wanted one with a backyard and a generous one at that. For about 15 years, I had lived in small apartments and was so ready to bring the rural upbringing in me in my backyard. Now after setting up myself, I thought some of my ideas and tools I used could benefit someone else. If you are here and you are searching for all things backyard, you just came to the right place!

What’s more? We have guides for all year round activities, no matter the season! Though we admit, not all seasons are equal…some more beautiful on their own while others are more permitting for our plans!

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