There are so many ovens to choose from out there. The cost can range anywhere from $200 -$1500+ and the features can vary greatly. I am going to review what I believe is one of the best double ovens on the market, with some helpful tips for you in your search for a new oven!

First, let’s start with some basics;

What is a double oven?

A double oven is a unit that has two separate ovens in one. So you get the full benefit of having both an upper and lower part to your oven with just one appliance!

Do I need a double oven?

Maybe not. A single-wall oven can be used for all your baking needs if that’s what you’re looking for. If you are interested in a double oven, it’s mainly because of the great convenience of having two separate ovens.

What are the pros to using a double oven?

The main advantage is that you have two separate pieces for baking. It can come in handy if you’re cooking for large crowds or if you plan on hosting events in the future (I’m looking at you, holiday season). You can bake and cook simultaneously in both ovens. A double oven also frees up your main oven for cooking different foods without mixing aromas.

If you see yourself hosting large dinner parties or cooking for a crowd in the future, then a double oven is probably right for you!

What are the cons to using a double oven?

The downside is that this unit will take up more space, and thus cost you more money. You also need to make sure the inside of your kitchen can fit this appliance. When buying a double oven, make sure it can fit comfortably in its location; 17 1/2 inches is the minimum clearance for a double oven.

What are the key features to consider when shopping for a double oven?

There are many things to look at when buying an appliance, but these are the three main features you should consider before making your purchase:

  • Self Cleaning- If you’re like me, then chances are you aren’t always thorough in cleaning your oven. A self cleaning feature will allow you to get away with being lazy every once in a while. Just remember, don’t use self cleaning feature when cooking anything!
  • Temperature Management- If you’re not sure how long certain foods need to cook in the lower and upper parts of the oven, then it helps if there is a temperature management system. There should be buttons to select the upper and lower ovens separately.
  • Timer- This is a great way to keep track of how long something has been in the oven. A timer will let you know when your food is ready so you don’t have to keep opening up the door!
  • A few other things you might want to consider looking for is an oven light, fans or heat circulating fan to distribute heat evenly throughout the oven, and a glass door so you can see exactly what’s inside!

Now that we’ve gone over some background information on double ovens, let’s take a look at one of my favorite ones on the market!

Best Double Ovens Reviews 2022:

Thermador SHO4113H0 Double Convection Wall Oven

The best double oven is the Thermador SHO4113H0 Double Convection Wall Oven. It has all the features you get with ovens twice its price tag! The sleek design will fit nicely in your kitchen and it’s easy-to-use controls makes baking a snap. Because of how great this oven is, it comes at a hefty price that might be out of your price range. The only downside is that it’s hard to find and the demand for this oven is much higher than its actual availability!

GE JGP920 Double Wall Oven

The second-best double oven is the GE JGP920 Double Wall Oven. It’s a great oven for those looking to save some money and still get the features of a great oven! The controls are easy to use and it has all the basic functions you’ll need in an oven. It is rather large though, so you might have to see if your kitchen can fit this large appliance.

KitchenAid KODT221AP Double Oven

Now, for the least expensive oven on our list, we have the KitchenAid KODT221AP Double Oven. While this is a great oven and it’s very cheap for a double oven, there aren’t many features included with it. It doesn’t come with a self cleaning feature, the timer only goes up to 60 minutes, and there aren’t any fancy buttons. This oven is perfect for those who just want to have an oven that can cook their food fast!

Kenmore Elite 12330 Double Wall Oven.

Our forth best double wall oven is the Kenmore Elite 12330 Double Wall Oven. While this oven does have a nice sleek design that will look great in your kitchen, it doesn’t have any special features that will make cooking a breeze. It just has the basic functions you’ll need in an oven and nothing more. If you’re looking for a double oven with all of the basic functions without the bells and whistles, then this is the oven for you!

Whirlpool WOD92HPS Double Wall Oven

Finally, our last double oven is the Whirlpool WOD92HPS Double Wall Oven. This oven has a nice sleek look that will suit any kitchen design, but it doesn’t have many special features that make cooking much easier. There are lots of basic functions, but nothing that really stands out. This oven is perfect for those who want a simple double oven to do the job.


Q: What are double ovens?

A: Double ovens are two separate ovens that both have the ability to cook food. They will generally be big enough to fit a large turkey or two baking sheets at once! The best part is you only need the space of one oven!

Q: What are the advantages of using a double oven?

A: If you use one oven for the main course and another oven for desserts, it can free up a ton of space in your kitchen! Also, double ovens will allow you to cook more dishes at once and they’ll all be done at the same time!

Q: How do I install a double wall oven?

A: It’s not very hard to install a double oven, but you have to make sure that they’re different sizes or else they won’t fit! You will have use a few tools to take out the brackets in your wall and set up the ovens. After everything is installed, just hook them up to your gas line and electrical line and then you’re good to go!

Q: What are disadvantages of using a double oven?

A: The only bad thing about having two ovens is that you have to wait for both ovens to preheat before you can cook anything. If they are different sizes, then one will take longer to warm up than the other. Also, there’s generally a lot more cleaning involved with double ovens.