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We created the United Outdoor Gear site to share our insights to assist other outdoor enthusiasts through our detailed guides and reviews. 

We love all things outdoors!

For more than 2 decades, we have spent our Summers and Winters in different destinations ranging from the Northwestern States (such as Oregon) to Canadian Provinces. We are excited to share tips and guides on how to survive outdoors and you’ll find detailed and practical reviews of outdoor gear you’ll need.

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Kitchen Gear

Having expanded our team, we now cover outdoor guides and kitchen appliances reviews. 

Cleaning Gear

There is no fun without leaving some mess here and there, huh? Don’t you worry about that too much. We realize many of us fun-loving outdoorsy people also want to leave no mess behind. That is good for our planet we cherish so much! Here you would find good options to help you clean up after yourself neatly!

Camping Gear

You would rather spend that long holiday weekend out there but worried about a bunch of things that comes with your regular comfortable home environment? We got you covered too! 


We have an expert with deep knowledge on ovens and their tech evolution.

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Love the mountain trails or some intense walks in wild areas? We got something for you right here!


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Why trust our guides?

We have used the gear we review

We only review outdoor, kitchen, or camping gear that we have actually used ourselves.

Thorough research and comparison

We don’t just pull our list of top gears from the thin air. Rather, we take time to find out what gear will help you enjoy your outdoor activities. In other words, we go for the biggest bang for your buck!

Experts in the space

We have built our capacity to bring onboard outdoor gear testing experts. Having been avid outdoor experts for some time, you’ll surely find our expert guides helpful. 


United Outdoor Gear guides on hiking were very helpful when we were planning our camping trip to Yellow Stone. Thanks!

I have always relied on guides and reviews on United Outdoor Gear when getting kitchen appliances. 

A wide selection of outdoor guides that are useful for anyone – a beginner or those already living the outdoor lifestyle!

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United Outdoor Gear is a site by avid outdoor experts and is made for any outdoor enthusiast looking for reliable guides and reviews.