We all have that one activity that defines our free great weather days. Obviously, cookouts with friends and family comes on top. Besides, cooking food is always a cultural undertaking and it’s a fact that most people like to cook a variety of dishes in all kinds of settings. As Americans, we love our BBQs weekends in our backyards or when we are tailgating with friends and family.

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Transforming your backyard or into an elegant outdoor kitchen area, however, takes precise planning and design experience. Implementing our knowledge and insight, we have put together a useful outdoor kitchen appliances guide to help you avoid the most frequent mistakes that can save you money and time down the road.

The popularity of building outdoor kitchens has increased tremendously in recent years.  However, in order to set up an outdoor kitchen, the first thing you need to check is whether or not you have enough space outside your house, either by your pool, garden or backyard, and then you need to decide on your budget.

Outdoor kitchens are very different from indoor kitchens in the way they are designed and the equipment that you purchase for your outdoor kitchen. With the help of technological advances outdoor kitchen appliances easily allow you to cook all sorts of foods in less time with minimal effort.

Ranking Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

What makes any kitchen appliance right for you? A number of factors come to one’s mind before settling on any device. For your outdoor kitchen appliances, we think these are the most important factors

  • Portability
  • Durability
  • Utility and cooking space

Based on these factors, below is our best selection of the best outdoor kitchen appliances with selected top rated ones in each appliance category in 2020 based on thorough reviews

1. The Grill

For most people, this is the most important outdoor kitchen appliance. It’s where you’ll likely do the majority of your outdoor cooking and for that reason, it’s pretty essential to the whole space. Not all grills are the same and what you get comes mostly down to your budget. You can get anything from a few hundreds to some thousands depending on how into grilling you are.

What are the best outdoor grills?

You will find gas and charcoal grills in addition to electric and wood pellet grills as your options in the market.

Gas: This is the most common type and the are great because they offer excellent control over cooking temperature so that you avoid burning your meat cuts. In addition, they ignite with the push of a button, heat up quickly, and are easy to clean. It’s the go-to option for no-fuss grillers who plan to barbecue frequently. Just keep in mind that you’ll need fuel from a propane tank or natural gas line on your property.

Charcoal: As the name implies, this equires briquettes or lump charcoal to ignite. This choice is more hands-on and takes time to heat up and cool down but imparts a better, more barbecue-y flavor than gas because it gets hotter. This option is for grilling masters willing to work for it.

Electric: For this option, you get a plug-in appliance for ease-of-use or convenience but don’t expect steaks or burgers “browned” on an indoor grill to taste like the ones you’ll get from a real BBQ.

Pellet: A lesser-known type of grill that uses hardwood pellets made out of wood scraps to heat. Pellets provide a delicious, authentic hardwood flavor to food but are costly and may be hard to track down.

For a grill that suits you, consider the frequency you’ll be grilling, the amount of space you have for storage, how much the flavor matters to you, and amount of time and attention you’ll need to spend.

Weber Spirit II E-310

This is our top pick and is very budget friendly. This 3-burner stainless steel grill is just about perfect when it comes to cooking. It cooks uniformly and turns out steaks with gorgeous grill marks that are perfectly rare and juicy; golden brown, moist, and tender chicken comes off the grates. An excelllent grill with just very few flare-ups, and all this! 

It comes with porcelain enameled cast-iron grates, a side burner, a stainless side table, and a gauge to give you an idea how much gas is in the tank. The Weber Spirit can grill up 25 four-inch burgers at once.

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NexGrill 4-Burner Gas Grill

For the price tag, the NexGrill 4-Burner Propane Gas Grill with Side Burner is an excellent pick.

It brings out perfect grill marks, a side burner, and big space enough for 28 burgers. On the side, there’s a burner for heating beans or sauce. And on top of all this, it has no smoking or flareups when cooking.

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Napoleon Travel Q

This compact mini folds up for easy trekking and can handle upto 16 big burgers. It has two side tables too and is perfect for hitting the campground for the weekend. In most ways, this grill is comparable with similar portables, especially when it comes to heat output and capacity. One advantage this grill has over similar sized ones is that the twin burner design allows you to cook more versatile foods. Although it’s not an inexpensive grill, this is a well-built portable that will work well in the outdoors, like at a park or the beach. 

If taken care of, this gas grill should last you for several years. Plus, there is an optional folding stand for this grill that has a complimentary design. It not only has wheels for easy transport but also comes with a kickstand that lets it stand upright. There are also side tables with a stand for extra workspace.

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Kenmore Elite 600 Series Gas Grill

If you often cook for a crowd, the Kenmore Elite may be worth a splurge — it offers enough room on the grates for 32 four-ounce hamburgers. It’s abit pricey, but with virtually no smoking or flare-ups, this grills delivers a perfectly cooked steak.

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Char-Broil Tru-Infrared 4-Burner Grill

Infrared grilling is definitely the way to go because it results in meat with more juice, more evenly cooked food, and no flame ups. This grill has a huge 525 square inches of cooking space over porcelain-coated cast iron grates, which comes handy when you need to quickly turn over a lot of hot dogs and burgers for a crowd. The Char-Broil Tru-Infrared Commercial Series 4-Burner Grill also comes with an additional feature of an indicator that tells you how much gas is left in the tank.

Additionally, the porcelain coated cooking grates are much easier to clean and maintain than other conventional grill grates (hint: use the supplied cleaning tool and not a regular grill brush to maintain the grill’s lifespan, and even though Char-Broil states that these grates are rust-resistant, make sure to use a grill cover for protection to avoid rust).

With this grill, you can use the sideburner (which comes with the option to use the included heavy-duty griddle or a metal rack) to warm up your sauces and side dishes in a pot.

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Weber Genesis II

A totally dependable grill for searing steaks or slow cooking chicken quarters. It comes with useful extras such as stainless steel cooking grates, a meter gaugage that tells you how much gas is left in the tank, an easy-empty grease pan, and lighted control knobs for grilling when it is dark.

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The Genesis II line offers grills with two, three, four, and six burners. For this review, we looked at one of the three-burner models, which made for an odd two-zone grilling experiment. Two burners could reach higher temps quickly, leaving just a third of the grill available for indirect grilling. The grill grate of the three-burner model is just over 500 square inches, which is probably enough space to cook for a crowd of four.

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Traeger Ranger Grill

If you are an urbanite with some space in your balcony or just prefer an ultra portable grill for road trips, this is a great option for you. You can smoke, braise, roast, or barbecue on the go. This wood-pellet grill has a digital pane with a precise temperature control.

The cooking surface can hold a rack of ribs, six burgers, or 10 hot dogs, and the hopper takes up to 8 pounds of wood pellets.

In addition, the Ranger has one bonus that other Traeger grills don’t have — an included cast iron grill. This makes the Ranger both a dinner-making grill and a breakfast cooking machine for eggs, pancakes, bacon, and smoky breakfast kale.

One last bit about this grill, which might seem to be a limitation. You do need a place to plug it in. Like other pellet grills, it uses electricity to turn its auger and heat its fireplug. And like others, this one runs on 120 current. If you’re camping and have a Goal Zero Yeti Power Station or similar, you can power the Ranger without a wall socket. But it still requires 120 current, and thus an inverter if you run a 12-volt system.

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Everdure Portable Grill

This grill lets you literally have your cake and eating it. This compact portable charcoal cooker gives you the flavor of charcoal while avoiding that public grill in the park. It has a built-in heat protection shield and comes with safety latches and stay-cool metal metal handles.

It’s made from lightweight steel and has a storage tray and a bamboo prep board integrated into its design. And there’s room to store fresh coals.

Overall, it is a well-designed and durable grill for beach trips, tailgates and other outdoor adventures.

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2. Pizza Ovens

Homemade pizzas are difficult to resist. They can also be easy to make, and are customizable for a wide range of dietary preferences. That is if you have the right pizza oven!

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So what are the best pizza ovens to buy in 2020? We have made a list of top picks just for you. Make sure you take a look before dipping into that wallet to buy one.

3. Power burner and/or Side burner

When you need to expand your outdoor kitchen, power burners or side burners are good choices to choose. This will give you more options of what you can cook and how to cook them. In addition, you will have less heat and mess in the kitchen. So what is the difference between side burners and power burners?

A side burner is similar to a stovetop burner, just designed for outdoor kitchens instead of indoor kitchens. When using the side burners, you can cook anything you’d normally cook on your indoor stovetop. On the other hand, power burners are more comparable to a high pressure burner, which is great for smaller boiling and steam pots. You’ll be cooking with more heat and power when using a power burner over a side burner. So you how do you determine what’s best for your outdoor kitchen?

For complete outdoor kitchen solutions, you can go for both of them. This is to say, the two items depends on what the customer actually wants to accomplish as each have their own function and will be used totally differently. To get more insights on what meets your outdoor kitchen needs, please read this separate reviews for power burners and side burners.

4. Smoker

Simply put, smokers are barbeque-tools that allow you to cook food at low temperatures in a controlled, smoky environment. Many types of smokers exist—from custom-made offset smokers to ceramic outdoor ovens to small smokers suitable for camping trips.

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