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Cleaning Tools

Cleaning Tools

Cleaning Tools

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Even a top-grade firearm will inevitably begin to disappoint you if left neglected or abused. Every gun, however cheap or expansive, is an investment, and every investment deserves to be taken care of. Proper firearm maintenance will not only keep your gun’s performance from degrading but also prolong the term of quality service. A clean gun is a happy gun, and a happy gun is an integral attribute of a happy shooter. If it only takes as much to make both of you happy, can you really afford to miss this opportunity? Not on our watch! Gritr Outdoors is dedicated to bringing our customers joy and if we need to sell gun cleaning kits to achieve this goal, so be it. 

Drama aside, keeping your firearm clean pays off. It delays the moment when you would need to have it fixed and keeps the performance level high. But keeping a gun clean involves much more than dusting it from time to time and sticking your finger into the bore to see if the soot hasn't built up yet. Old patches and toothbrushes are hardly good tool choices either. To ensure the level of maintenance your firearm deserves, you need a dedicated cleaning kit.

Gun Cleaning Kits

A gun cleaning kit is a true asset for those who don’t want to leave their gun’s well-being to the mercy of fate. Rather than collecting gun cleaning tools separately, you can get them all gathered in one place. Not all, per se, but those that will come in handy when cleaning your particular firearm. A rifle cleaning kit comprises tools like long brass cleaning rods for long-barreled firearms, several types of brushes, pull-through loop cleaners, cleaning patches, and gun oil - essentials that you may need to keep your gun maintained even in the field. Pistol cleaning kits are very similar to rifle ones, but they contain brushes of different diameters, memory-flex cables for effective breech-to-muzzle cleaning, and some other tools specific for handgun cleaning. There are also bundles, intended for cleaning particular calibers, like 9mm cleaning kits.

Here, on Gritr Outdoors, we have all the best gun cleaning kits gathered in one place. We are proud to work with some of the industry’s professionals that are known for their expertise. You can choose from Otis cleaning kits as well as Beretta cleaning mats and kits.