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The mind of a human being has always been coming up with ideas on how to make life easier. Successful hunting was a matter of life and death for thousands of years. So the importance of this occupation prompted people to learn about animal behavior and use such knowledge to their advantage.

Hunters play on several senses of animals, placing decoys within the shooting range, scenting their clothes, and mimicking sounds. And while messing up with animals’ vision and smell is very effective in many cases, the more universal and proven means to manipulate their behavior is calling.

Game calls for hunting are devices that allow for mimicking the sounds and noises of different animals. Our ancestors used bones and their own voices to call for animals. Today, the market of animal calls is flooded with various calling solutions.

All game calls can be classified as electronic and non-electronic calls.

Electronic game calls are devices that play audio with a push of a button. With an e-caller, you get a sound library that could be extended if your particular device features programmability. Sometimes, they are referred to as calling tools for novice hunters who haven’t mastered any techniques for blowing a hand call. But that’s misleading. Experts use e-callers as well.

The main advantage of electronic calls is that the sound source can be taken away from a hunter. Thus, he or she won’t draw attention to yourself.

The most common non-electronic designs are hand-held, mouth, and friction calls. Although e-callers are gaining popularity, many hunters stick to “analog” calls or use them in conjunction with electronic calls.

The main advantages of mouth-blown calls include quick change of sounds and uniqueness of these sounds. Uniqueness is crucial when hunting predators, such as coyotes. In highly pressured areas, chances that coyotes learned a lot from previous contacts with hunters are high. Pre-recorded sounds may have no effect on them as they might have heard them. But you can increase your odds for drawing their attention if you sound unique.

Besides, hunters mention that the process of mastering a mouth-blown call can be very exciting and rewarding.

The only obvious drawback of non-electronic calls is that you can’t separate yourself from the sound you make. But if you use both e-caller and hand-held call, you get only the best of their performances.

Gritr Outdoors has gathered the best hunting game calls for you in one place. All animal calls are designed to produce realistic sounds of different species, such as deer, elk, ducks, geese, turkey, jackrabbits, cottontail rabbits, squirrels, and others. We carry products from such brands as Primos, Haydels, Woodhaven Custom Calls, and others.