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Trail Camera Accessories

Trail Camera Accessories

Trail Camera Accessories

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Hunting cameras are usually used in extreme conditions. Special accessories help to manage all challenges while video recording, and to extend the life of the camera for many seasons ahead.

  • Security Boxes. Sometimes hunters install their cameras on trees without any protection. It’s never a good idea. Trail camera security boxes are made to protect your camera from weather conditions, animal chewing, and other damages. Boxes are made of steel. Some boxes are designed with camouflage patterns, making your camera almost invisible in the woods. This gives you peace of mind if you leave your camera to track motion in a remote location.
  • SD Cards. You will never lose any data stored on your SD card. It offers a maximum camera performance. SD cards are usually class 10 that ensures the fastest writing speeds for high-resolution photos and HD video clips. We offer a capacity of 16 GB or 32GB, which is ideal for full HD video recording. The SD card for the trail camera should be tough and weather resistant. The best option is a waterproof card.
  • Battery Packs. The last thing you want after buying a camera is running out of battery while hunting. Batteries increase life for electronics. The pack usually includes 8 AA batteries. Due to special indicators, you can see the remaining battery life.
  • Solar Power Packs. They are a combination of a solar panel and a battery pack. Solar power packs can charge your camera when there is a lack of electricity. They are very compact and portable. Some packs have a camo design, which makes them nearly impossible to detect. 
  • Camera Holder. It has a quick and easy construction that allows you to place it anywhere in the field. You can screw a camera to any tree that gives you a perfect mounting platform.

Using trail camera accessories will make your hunting electronics more effective. Cameras have become hunting must-have and, we hope that with special accessories you will have even more success next season.