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Eye Protection

Eye Protection

Eye Protection

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Every hunter needs to take special care of his health and safety. In this case, the eye is an organ, which is susceptible to damage. Special protective glasses were designed to protect the eye area from wind, sand, and other more dangerous foreign objects.

The weapon has some degree of recoil as a result of the powerful explosion inside the chamber. And this explosion happens at arm’s length! Moreover, high winds, flying insects, and tree branches can cause eye injury. That’s why eye protection is essential for hunters. In addition to protecting your eyes, hunting glasses can also increase your shooting accuracy. Certain colors of lenses can improve your visual acuity.

How to choose hunting glasses?

Hunting glasses must protect the hunter's eyes from glare, insects, and tree branches. Shooting glasses have lenses that are scratch-resistant. The best glasses for eye protection are marked with a high impact rating of the Z87.1 +.

The ability to adjust the fit of glasses can improve comfort, which means less distraction and better focus. Some glasses are designed with an anti-sweat insert. This technology prevents the excess of sweat getting in your eyes. 

Glasses with specific lens colors can improve visibility:

  • Yellow and orange lenses block haze that help to improve your visual acuity. The brighter the yellow color of the lens is, the better it works in low contrast conditions and in the darkness. 
  • Light purple is suitable for enhancing the orange color of trees and surroundings. 
  • Vermillion helps in situations where there is a varied background, such as trees, to help the target stand out. 
  • Gray lenses help hunters see targets exactly as they are. While gray lenses do not improve visual acuity, they help reduce glare from bright sunlight. 
  • Polarized lenses reduce glare caused by sunlight reflecting off the water and other flat surfaces. 

Good eyesight is the key to becoming a skilled hunter. The right shooting glasses will not only protect your eyes but also they can increase the hunter's ability to spot wildlife, as well as increase the ability to make accurate shots.