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Types Of Hunting

Types Of Hunting

Types Of Hunting

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Hunting has been accompanying humanity for many a millennium. It might be hard to imagine, but there was a time when we were purely herbivorous and had no interest in meat whatsoever. But the evolutionary path led us in a different direction: over time, we became omnivorous, first to supplement our plant-based diet and then to have meat as the primary source of sustenance for our growing brain. Hunting did not become a prominent part of our life until we evolved to be more skillful at it. But once it turned into our main source of food, it never really left. Today, hunting remains a means of procuring food for some people (mostly those living in developing countries or who made a conscious decision) and a way to reestablish our connection to nature for others. It is an extremely diverse activity that can offer something to everyone: solitude and tranquility for sole hunters; joyful memories and a spirit of companionship for those who prefer to hunt with pals; escape from the buzzing and scheduled city life for those who crave it. Hunting allows you to combine your love for firearms and shooting with the opportunity to experience nature first-hand.

Type of Prey

The most common classification is based on the type of prey. Even though you can hunt literally any animal, some species constitute the traditional pool of quarry. They are gathered in larger groups based on their species or habitat. The basic types are big game hunting, waterfowl hunting, and upland hunting. The big game usually includes moose, elks, deer, oxen, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, boars, and bears. It is not uncommon for states to introduce their own lists since habitats and their dwellers vary from one region to another. Waterfowl are basically all aquatic birds like mallards, geese, redheads, and coots. Possible objectives for upland hunting include various species of land birds, like turkeys, quails, and pheasants.

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