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Hunting Dogs

Hunting Dogs

Hunting Dogs

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A dog is a friend of a man. It is difficult to find more loyal animals than dogs. Four-legged friends help the hunter to achieve stunning results. They are always ready to keep company with their owners. However, if you want to train your dog to hunt in the field, forest, and other places, then you will have to put in a lot of effort. We provide supplies for dogs that will help reduce the training period for a dog, as well as teach it to understand you without words. On GRITR Outdoors you can buy a variety of tools that will help you find a common language with your pet.

Hunting Dogs Supplies

First of all, you should choose a bright cord to make it easy to control the movement of the dog. Check cord has an orange color, which will be perfectly visible at any time of the day and at a great distance. It will not allow the pet to rush into the game ahead of time, that’s why the cord must have sufficient strength to stop the dog rushing forward.

If you decide to use a dog during a driven hunt, you will teach your pet how to react to the killing game and flawlessly follow the commands. For that purpose, the training dummy was created. Birds are designed with anatomically perfect bodies and realistic patterns. 

A camo vest is also important while hunting. It’s usually made of fleece fabric and has flotation inserts. A hunting dog vest should withstand the challenges of nature while maintaining the dog's comfort without restricting movement.

While you stay warm and dry, the dog will freeze. A good dog hunting parka can save its body heat. Dog parkas protect your pet from moisture, wind, and other weather conditions. They also provide floatation and protection.

Safety and comfort for a dog is the top priority. Modern hunting dog supplies such as travel   kennels ensure the reliable level of functional transportation of your hunting partner.

Useful hunting dog training accessories such as trainers and bumpers will help to master the hunting skills of your pet and to boost its stamina. 

All supplies are made by well-known world brands such as Avery and Banded. In general, the safety of your pet should be treated with the same responsibility as yours.